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Terms And Conditions 
*Terms and Conditions for Shopping for Products and 100% Money Back Guarantee*

Happy customers, please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before ordering products on STORELOKA. By ordering products on our webstore, the Customer is stated to have known and agreed to the Online Shopping Service Terms at

Following are the Terms and Conditions for Online Shopping Services

Product Price:

  1. The product prices listed are correct. If there is a mistake in the price of the product, we will inform you as soon as possible and we give the choice whether to keep the order or cancel the purchase.
  2. The product prices listed do not include shipping costs to the buyer's address.
  3. The goods are confirmed to be ready and ready to be sent to the buyer. However, if your purchase is in large quantities and is greater than our stock, then we will inform you whether you are willing to wait for stock or sent according to the available stock.

Photo Physical Products:

1.We do not guarantee the physical product you receive will be exactly the same as the product display on the website page. This can happen for several reasons including:

  1. There are differences in color gradations on the website page
  2. There are differences in viewing angles of images displayed on the website
  3. Newer product packaging changes

2.We guarantee that all products sold are in accordance with the information stated in the decryption of the product, 100% money back guarantee if there is a product that we sell is not suitable.


  1. 100% guarantee. The products we sell have passed strict quality control. However, if you still find a defective / expired product, we will fully guarantee and replace it with a new product or refund.
  2. 100% guarantee the item will be sent to your address. Or we return your money.
  3. 100% GUARANTEE MONEY BACK if the package doesn't reach your address.
    For information please read on Shipping Policy

How to return money :

We return customer funds through:

  1.  Via paypal for foreign customers, or credited to the customer's account on the storeloka website (according to the agreement).

  2. Via Bank transfer for domestic customers.

Payment method :

  1. We accept payment using paypal, credit / debit cards, bank transfers, and many others via DOKU.
    Doku is a trusted payment system provider in Indonesia.

  2. If within 3 (three) days you do not make payment for the order that has been done, we assume your order is canceled and the data will be deleted in the database.

Origin of Shipping:

  1. The products ordered by consumers will be sent from the location of our office, and also sent from our partners in Hong Kong.

* With this, all customers who purchase goods in STORELOKA, we consider to have agreed to the terms and conditions above.*